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Over the next 2 weeks, you will examine a case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of different leadership approaches of two individuals in a company and will provide to the business owner/general manager a report that details your observations and recommendations. This case provides an opportunity to evaluate and contrast different leadership styles and theories in a real-world context.

The owner/general manager of House, Hearth and Home, a large retail hardware, furniture, and building center, is facing a dilemma regarding the leadership effectiveness of his long-time yard manager and that of a newly hired assistant manager. The owner has hired you as a consultant and has asked you to investigate and then report your findings and recommendations on how he should address this situation.

For this week’s Assignment, you will prepare a business report to the company owner/GM that addresses the leadership theory or framework that Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson each employ, the differences in their leadership style, along with a discussion on which approach you feel is more effective for this company’s situation and why. Be sure to provide specific examples from the case and relevant citations from the Learning Resources, the library, and/or other credible, appropriate academic sources to substantiate and validate your position. For more information about evaluating the credibility of sources for use in your coursework, please review the following video:

Walden University, LLC. (2021). Evaluating the credibility of sources [Video]. 

Submit Part 1 of your evaluation of leadership for House, Hearth and Home, in which you address the following in a business report (excluding references):
Based on your case analysis, what leadership theory or framework do Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson each employ? Be sure to provide specific examples from the case and other academic sources to validate your position.
What are the differences in leadership style for each of these individuals?
Which approach do you feel is more effective for this company’s situation, and why? Include the pros and cons of each approach in your assessment.

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In this business report, I will address the leadership theory or framework employed by Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson, two individuals in the company House, Hearth and Home. By analyzing their leadership styles and evaluating their effectiveness, I will provide recommendations to the owner/general manager on how to address the current situation. The purpose of this report is to compare and contrast different leadership approaches in order to make informed decisions.

Answer to Question 1:

Based on the case analysis, it is evident that Dan Boyd employs a transformational leadership theory. Transformational leaders inspire and motivate their followers by creating a vision, setting high goals, and encouraging personal and professional development (Northouse, 2018). Dan Boyd demonstrates these qualities by empowering his team members, providing them with skill-development opportunities, and fostering a positive work environment. For example, he implemented seminars and workshops to enhance employee skills and ensured that everyone understood their roles and responsibilities.

On the other hand, Wesley Simpson exhibits a transactional leadership style. Transactional leaders focus on the exchange of rewards and punishments to motivate their followers (Northouse, 2018). Wesley Simpson utilizes this approach by setting clear expectations, closely monitoring employee performance, and providing rewards and recognition for meeting targets. For instance, he established a performance-based bonus system and frequently reviewed employees’ progress.

Answer to Question 2:

The differences in leadership style between Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson are notable. Dan Boyd’s transformational leadership style emphasizes a collaborative and empowering approach. He encourages his team members to contribute ideas, fosters a positive work culture, and supports their professional growth. In contrast, Wesley Simpson’s transactional leadership style relies on a more directive and controlling approach. He provides clear instructions, rewards high performance, and punishes underperformance.

Answer to Question 3:

Considering the company’s situation, the more effective approach would be Dan Boyd’s transformational leadership style. This is because House, Hearth and Home is a large retail hardware, furniture, and building center, and it requires a leadership approach that promotes collaboration, innovation, and employee development. Dan Boyd’s transformational leadership style is well-suited for this context as it motivates employees, fosters creativity, and encourages continuous improvement.

Pros of Dan Boyd’s transformational leadership style include increased employee satisfaction, higher levels of commitment and loyalty, and enhanced teamwork. By empowering employees and providing growth opportunities, the company can benefit from a highly motivated and engaged workforce.

However, there are also some cons to consider. Implementing a transformational leadership style requires time, effort, and resources. It may not be suitable for situations that demand quick decision-making or where clear directives are needed. Additionally, not all employees may respond positively to this leadership approach, as individual preferences and attitudes vary.

In conclusion, Dan Boyd’s transformational leadership style aligns well with the needs of House, Hearth and Home. It promotes collaboration, creativity, and employee development, which are essential for a large retail center like theirs. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons of this leadership style and adapt it accordingly to specific situations and individual employee characteristics.

Northouse, P. G. (2018). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Sage Publications.

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