What is a “bullshit job” according to David Graeber? Why is the

What is a “bullshit job” according to David Graeber? Why is the prevalence of bullshit jobs surprising to Graeber in light of John Maynard Keynes’ 1930 prediction about the future of work (make sure to explain Keynes’ prediction)? Give three examples of a bullshit job and why they are bullshit according to Graeber’s conception. Then explain how the tendency to attach moral worth to work has contributed to the increase in bullshit jobs. Finally, explain what you believe should be done about the prevalence of bullshit jobs. Do you think this phenomenon is a morally neutral fact about our social world, such that nothing should be done? Do you think it is a good thing that so many people have job, even if they count as bullshit? Or do you think such a phenomenon is morally impermissible, and that something should be done about it? Explain your answer.


What is Epicurus’s stance on whether death matters to us, and whether death is harmful? Why does the possibility of death being harmful to us entail that there are possibly unexperienced harms? Then explain the Ashe thought experiment and how it serves to illustrate that there could be unexperienced harms. After that, explain why Suits thinks the Ashe thought experiment does not demonstrate that there can be unexperienced harms. Explain also why Suits believes that harm must be experienced for it to count as genuine harm. Do you agree with Suits? Why or why not?

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