Water Quality

Write a 750-1,000-word essay about water quality in your community that addresses the following points:

  1. Obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years and discuss what you found in the report?
  2. Identify a water quality issue happening in your community and where the pollution comes from? This includes point sources (for example, water discharge from a factory; contamination from a Superfund site), Non-point sources (for example, agricultural runoff), and Natural sources.
  3. Describe how the pollution source is impacting the environment and human health in your community, and provide two examples of each.
  4. Identify three management practices to minimize water pollution.

Remember to support your data and information with appropriate citations.

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Water quality is an essential aspect of community health, and it is crucial for individuals to be aware of the quality of the water they are consuming. In this essay, we will discuss water quality in a community, covering topics such as obtaining a water quality report, identifying water quality issues, and management practices to minimize water pollution.


Obtaining a water quality report from the local municipality is crucial in evaluating the quality of the water that is supplied to the community. In the report obtained from my local municipality, it was noted that the water quality met the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. The report indicated that the water was tested for bacteria, nitrates, lead, and other minerals. The results showed that the levels of all the tested minerals were within the acceptable range.

One of the water quality issues that are happening in my community is agricultural runoffs. Farmers in the community often use pesticides and herbicides, and when it rains, these chemicals are carried away by the water into rivers and streams. These chemicals pose a threat to aquatic life and can lead to water contamination.

The pollution from agricultural runoffs is impacting the environment and human health in my community. The chemicals can lead to the death of aquatic life, which can have a ripple effect in the food chain. Humans who consume fish from these contaminated waters can experience health problems related to the presence of chemicals such as lead and mercury. For instance, the high consumption of lead-contaminated fish can lead to neurological problems in children and lead poisoning in adults.

Management practices to minimize water pollution include using environmentally friendly pesticides and herbicides and reducing the use of nitrogen fertilizers. Farmers can also develop buffer zones around their farms to help prevent runoff. Another practice would be the creation of retention ponds, which could help to trap the chemicals before they reach the water sources. In addition, the community could increase awareness campaigns on the importance of responsible disposal of household chemicals.


It is essential to ensure that the water consumed in the community is of high quality to ensure good health for everyone. Obtaining a water quality report and identifying water quality issues can help individuals in the community to take action and come up with solutions to minimize water pollution. Management practices, such as environmentally friendly pesticides and herbicides, development of buffer zones, and the creation of retention ponds, can help in minimizing water pollution.

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