VERY IMPORTANT, needs to be APA (6th edition)!!!!!! You are to identify and explain two counseling theories from the text (Corey,G.(2017). TheoryandPracticeofCounselingandPsychotherapy,10thed.PacificGrove,CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company. ISBN: 9781305263727) . This paper must encompass a comprehensive literature review of the chosen theories and be written in a way that compares and contrasts the two theories. The paper must have a title page, abstract and reference list and follow strictlytheAPAmanualformat(6thedition). Thepapermustnotbelongerthanten(10)pagestotal, which means at least seven pages of text, plus a title page, abstract and reference list. The paper should include a comprehensive review of the literature published in journals or books (at least ten (10) recent journal or book references dated 2000 or later, and no websites, ERIC citations, or newspaper or magazine articles).


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