The Problems with the C-B-S Theory of Writing

 We try to figure out how we can be “clear” and “sincere” by focusing on the ornamental, stylish parts of language. We tend to think that we must eliminate those parts of language in order to be clear and sincere. Richard Lanham argues otherwise. 1) The first thing you want to do is to read Lanham’s essay. According to Lanham, what does the C-B-S Theory get wrong about writing? 2) The second thing you want to do is to watch the short clip from the 1987 movie Roxanne starring Steve Martin, and then read Lahiri’s short article “My Life Sentences” and the memo from the Kelley School of Business. In Roxanne, Martin’s character C.D. Bales has an unusual facial feature. His nose is very long. Even though he is well liked by everyone in his town, his nose is a source of shame and trouble for him. He believes that no one will ever want to date him, especially Roxanne whom he has a crush on. His colleague Chris also has a crush on Roxanne and has decided to ask her out on a date by letter. But, he is struggling with composing the letter and asks C.D. for help. Lahiri is a fiction writer and she explains why she likes certain sentences and how she goes about composing her stories. The memo from the Kelley School of Business proposes strategies for achieving candor and trust in corporate communication. 3) PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: Why does style matter in writing? Compose your answer and then explain your answer with short references to Lanham, the Roxanne clip, Lahiri, and the Kelley School memo. You must reference all four texts in your answer. You can either paraphrase or quote directly. If you quote, you do not need to provide page numbers or citations. Just be sure to explain which text you mean to reference (e.g., In the Kelly School memo….). All total, your answer should be between 300 and 350 words – no more, no less.  4) Do not waste words by restating the assignment instructions, summarizing or quoting excessively, or repeating yourself. Give your answer to the question and then develop your answer.

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