Saudi Electronic University Saudi Arabia Healthcare Insurance Scheme Discussion

Research two current news articles regarding the transformation of Saudi Arabia Healthcare through the new insurance scheme. Compare and contrast the authors’ ideas. Do you agree with their support or concerns regarding implementing insurance? How has the mandatory health insurance affected you or your family?

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, use at least two peer-reviewed new articles and cite them to support your statements. APA style.

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The implementation of mandatory health insurance in Saudi Arabia has transformed the healthcare sector. As a medical professor, it is imperative to evaluate the impact of this scheme on the people and the healthcare industry. In this answer, I will discuss two current news articles that shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of this new policy and provide my opinion on the matter.


According to a recent article posted on Gulf News, The Saudi Arabian government made significant changes to the healthcare system by implementing mandatory health insurance for all citizens and residents. The authors suggest that this scheme has a positive impact on healthcare, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes. The article highlights that implementing mandatory health insurance will help improve the overall quality of medical care by increasing the revenue stream for hospitals, thus allowing for more investment in modern medical technologies and equipment.

On the other hand, a recent article by Reuters claims that there is a negative impact on the healthcare industry due to the mandatory health insurance scheme. According to this article, the implementation of the policy has led to a surge in the cost of medical insurance, causing a financial burden on families, especially those with low income. The article states that around three million people in Saudi Arabia have not enrolled in the health insurance scheme, which could lead to inequitable access to healthcare.

In my opinion, implementing mandatory health insurance in Saudi Arabia is a positive step towards reforming the healthcare sector. While there are certain drawbacks to the scheme, including a potential financial burden on families, a well-structured insurance system will ensure that healthcare is more accessible to all and improves the overall quality of medical care in the country. However, it is necessary to address the concerns raised by the authors of the Reuters article and ensure that every citizen of Saudi Arabia has access to health insurance without discrimination.

Overall, the mandatory health insurance scheme has had a significant impact on Saudi Arabian healthcare, and it is essential to address all the concerns and move towards providing equitable access to healthcare for all.

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