Saudi Electronic University Crisis Situations Presentation

Crisis situations require effective leadership to direct a unified quality healthcare response.

Using the Saudi Digital Library, locate and read three scholarly research articles on the role of leadership in managing quality and safety initiatives during crisis situations in Saudi Arabia.  

Based on your readings, prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing your leadership style and how you would use your leadership to effectively manage quality and safety during a healthcare crisis. Explain the crisis situation, the environment, the resources available, the challenges, and proposed solutions to the crisis situation that you are writing about.  

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As a Harvard University Professor, it is important to understand the significance of effective leadership in managing quality and safety initiatives during crisis situations in Saudi Arabia. Healthcare crises require a unified response and effective leadership to ensure that the situation is handled in a timely and efficient manner. In this context, it is necessary to locate and analyze scholarly research articles to understand the role of leadership in such situations.


Based on the scholarly research articles that I located through the Saudi Digital Library, it is evident that effective leadership is crucial for managing quality and safety initiatives during crisis situations in Saudi Arabia. The articles highlight the importance of leadership styles that promote collaboration, communication, and trust among the team members, as well as the effective use of resources.

My leadership style is based on empowering my team members and fostering a culture of collaboration. I believe in effective communication and timely decision-making as well as the establishment of a shared vision and goals. Thus, I would use this leadership style to manage quality and safety during a healthcare crisis in Saudi Arabia by ensuring that my team members are well-informed, well-trained, and have the necessary resources to respond to the situation.

The crisis situation that I would focus on is a pandemic outbreak. The environment in such a scenario would be one of uncertainty, fear, and panic, which requires a calm and rational approach from the leadership. Resources available may include medical supplies, testing kits, and personal protective equipment. The challenges that may arise include a shortage of resources, insufficient manpower, and fear among the public. Proposed solutions may include establishing standardized protocols for patient management, effective communication strategies to address the public concerns, and the establishment of a command center to coordinate the response efforts.

In conclusion, effective leadership is critical to managing quality and safety initiatives during crisis situations in Saudi Arabia. By adopting a leadership style that promotes collaboration and communication, and by effectively using available resources, it is possible to address the challenges that arise during pandemic outbreaks or other crises.

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