produce a ‘professional’ standard Business Plan (using Virgin Startup Template

 produce a ‘professional’ standard Business Plan (using Virgin Startup Template provided with this assignment).  

 The business plan must be based on either: 1. A new business idea 2. A developing a plan for an existing business (this could be a family business, or a business known to you) 

 If you choose to focus on latter, please make sure that you identify a novel business proposition for the existing business. 

 Learning Outcomes The learning outcomes that are being assessed in this assessment are:

 b Develop a business plan which demonstrates commercial awareness of a specific industry through the evaluation of a realistic business opportunity.

 d Communicate effectively with specialist and non-specialist audiences, using evidencebased approaches and selecting appropriate tools and strategies to convey meaning and purpose.

 e Build on a recognised opportunity to systematically evaluate the selected industry and produce a viable business plan. 

 Word Limits (where appropriate) The maximum word limit for this assessment is 2400 words 

 stated in section 4.40 where a submission exceeds the stipulated word limit by more than 10%, the submission will only be marked up to and including the additional 10%. Anything over this will not be included in the final grade for the assessment item. Abstracts, bibliographies, reference lists, appendices and footnotes are excluded from any word limit requirements. In line with section 4.41 of the same Policy, where a submission is notably under the word limit, the full submission will be marked on the extent to which the learning objectives have been met. 

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