Primary case questions, in general, are asked to enable you

Primary case questions, in general, are asked to enable you to apply course material to the case at hand. Read the questions carefully. Does it specifically ask you to apply a certain models, frameworks, or mustard covered in the course? Does it ask a question where a framework in the course would allow you to answer it well? In general, you will earn more points by applying relevant course concepts. This is not the place to just “wing it” and answer the question off the cuff, based on gut. APPLY the course materials to demonstrate your understanding of them and how to apply them.

FORMAT: 3 pages max (unless otherwise stated) with one inch margins, Times 12 font, 1.5 line spacing; SUBMIT: through Canvas>Assignments:



1) Does AirBnB have a strategy? Using the 5 elements from the “Are you sure you have a strategy” article, discuss AirBnBs strategy. Next, assess the Strategic Comprehensiveness of AirBnB’s strategy.

2) Who are Airbnb’s internal and external stakeholders. Briefly state each of their interests and claims. How well is AirBnB currently attending to its shareholders’ claims? Would this analysis change when AirBnB goes public? If so, how?

3) Does AirBnB have a competitive advantage? How is industry competition evolving over time? Is AirBnB’s competitive positioning strengthening or weakening? Is its advantage sustainable?

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