Pompeii, Italy

Description INFORMATIVE SPEECH DESCRIPTION: Your primary goal for this research assignment is to learn new information and share your findings with us. If the topic is one that you already know a great deal about, only a small amount of the content can involve firsthand knowledge; the vast majority of what you report to us must be facts you’ve learned through the research process. The information you present should be radically different than the kind of facts you’ll share in your persuasive speech. Therefore, you need to be careful to avoid including information that would be likely to have an impact on the listener’s actions, beliefs, decisions, or opinions. The facts you choose to discuss shouldn’t convince us that anything is right or wrong, good or bad, true or false. Avoid including details that would demonstrate the benefits or disadvantages of your subject. There should be no advancement of personal opinion. It is essential that you have a thesis statement (a main point) that is supported by the subdivisions within the body of the speech so that the presentation won’t sound like a collection of random facts about the topic. In order to achieve this, the parts of the body must work well together. This isn’t a simple “how to” presentation; the content should be more complex than that of a demonstration speech. Your content must have some degree of complexity to it, which means that your research will involve reading articles rather than recipes, instruction manuals, or fictional stories. Specific requirements for the speech include: an appropriate opening, thesis, preview, body divided into two or three areas of discussion, transitions, summary, and closing use of different types of supporting material use of at least 2 written, unbiased sources that are cited within the speech; these should be articles in reputable publications, not personal letters or other kinds of informal documents a minimum of 2 visual aids, but no more than 3; each visual should be displayed no longer than 30 seconds; the visuals must be teaching tools rather than decoration; you should describe details on the visuals that allow us to learn something; you MUST use a flash drive (not Google Slides, etc.); you MUST create your slides on a PC rather than a Mac; your visuals MUST be Power Point slides; avoid saving your visuals as a PDF a copy of a typed outline, which must be turned in on or before the assigned date (the outline is worth 20% of the overall speech grade) a conversational style of delivery; your grade will suffer if you simply read the presentation to us time limit: 4 – 7 minutes You’re required to select a topic from the following list of options. Once you’ve signed up for a topic, you can’t change it. Therefore, you must do some preliminary research to ensure that you like the kind of facts you’d be discussing before you claim the topic. Each topic will present its own unique challenges. For example, finding effective visuals will be easier for some speeches than others.

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