Operations and Digital Business A1 Portfolio Assessment

 Learning week 6: 28th February 2019 Learning outcomes addressed –1,3,4,5,6 & 7 1. Understand and justify how organizations secure and deploy their resources both in a traditional and digital environment according to their capability and capacity 3. Understand and evaluate and use business data analysis to provide a range of solutions for a business problem 4. Use all appropriate information and internet-based technologies available effectively within a professional context 5. Understand how organisations use technologies to communicate effectively with stakeholders. 6. Analyse a business situation and provide a number of possible suitable solutions. 7. Communicate effectively in an appropriate medium and style with regard to audience and desired emotional effect This assessment MUST be undertaken as an individual piece of work.Assessment 1 INDIVIDUAL WORK The portfolio assessment will examine the body of knowledge derived from a range of learning outcomes covered early on in the module and allows students to undertake research and investigations and make conclusions on business cases. Portfolio contents include 3 ITEMS WHICH ARE: (1) a simulation game score relating to an operation’s business performance for Module 1 and Module 2; (2) 500 written words considering the fundamentals of operations management in an applied context drawn from module 1 of the game; (3) and a further 500 written words considering a specific applied operational practice as related to a set of critical questions drawn from module 2 of the game. Note that the result of the game will not be used to determine your mark for Assessment 1; it is pertinent though that the outcome is used to inform the written words and to enable you to show that you have learned theoretical and practical perspectives of operations management from the simulation experience.

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