NU 672 Unit 4 Psychiatric SOAP Notes for a patient with Depression Essay

In this assignment, you will complete a comprehensive psychiatric assessment interview of an adult/older adult. This should NOT be a patient that you have encountered in your work, but instead, should be a family member or friend. Your assessment should be comprehensive, and you should refer to course texts to inform items for inclusion in your assessment. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for covering those areas addressed in the reading assignments up to this point. 

Students always ask for a template.  I have included one that can be used to guide you in not forgetting any crucial information. 

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Question: What is the purpose of this assignment and what skills will the student gain from completing it?

Answer: The purpose of this assignment is for the student to conduct a comprehensive psychiatric assessment interview of an adult or an older adult in order to gain a deeper understanding of the individual’s mental health status. By completing this assignment, the student will gain valuable skills in interviewing, active listening, and assessment techniques. Additionally, the student will gain knowledge about various mental health disorders and how to identify symptoms related to these disorders. These skills and knowledge are essential for a career in the medical field, particularly in the area of mental health and psychiatry.

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