Mexico migration into the United States of America

Key Concept: Change Related Concepts: Equity, Choice, Perspective Global Context: Orientation in Space and Time Research question: To what extent is poverty affecting Mexico’s migrating circus into America? You will undertake an investigation into a current involuntary/forced migration that is occurring in the world. You must focus your investigation through the following Sustainability Goal: No Poverty Task Instructions: You are a lobbyist petitioning the UN to aid a current migrant population. You have been tasked to investigate Mexico migration into the United States of America and present a speech to the UNHCR. The speech should outline the current migration situation and persuade the commission to adopt greater action. Prepare the content for your speech. Make sure you include 1. An introduction that discusses: – The type of migration – The causes of the migration – A timeframe of the migration 2. Discuss: – The impacts in the origin – The impacts in the destination – The impacts on refugees – Proposed strategies to deal with impacts – Future trends and possible outcomes 3. Make sure that your discussion includes: – References to Global Context, Key and Related Concepts – References to No poverty in Mexico

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