Marriage & Family in US Society

 For this paper, you will develop a 5-7 page policy paper addressing a social problem in either coupling/marriage or family life. In this paper, you will use course materials and outside academic (and possibly other) materials to develop a set of (or single, if sufficiently developed) policy proposals to address an issue (or issues) facing contemporary families. Your paper should have an introduction – discussing the issue and the policy proposal(s) you have chosen. The main body of the paper should be a persuasive document showing how and why this policy or policies will address the problem(s) facing contemporary families, and why your solution is more desirable than other solutions. To accomplish this, you should include sufficient background on the social issue(s) that require the policy or policies (such as, what’s going on and why is it happening? Are there existing policies that you think can be improved/replaced?). Make sure to draw heavily on class content to demonstrate this. You should also include a conclusion, where you address any limitations of your policy or policies. The paper should clearly reference a combination of class content as well as external academic/official sources. 1) You are required to include at least six readings from Unit 2. Use concepts to help formulate your paper. Pull from readings across different weeks of Unit 2. You are also required to cite/incorporate content from Lecture. 2) You are also required to include content from outside sources, such as papers published in academic journals or information gathered from government/state sources. You are required to cite at least three outside sources. 3) You are recommended to consider incorporating content from Unit 1 readings, though they are not required (and do not count toward your six readings from Unit 2). 4) Remember that I will be looking for you to demonstrate a robust understanding of course content/readings. Don’t simply toss in a citation – instead, show me that you actually READ the article. Show me how you are able to use the course content to bolster your arguments for the proposed policy. 5) The length of the paper requires you to condense a lot of material, be sure that you use your space wisely. Focus on being thorough and concise with your ideas. Keep direct quotes at a minimum (paraphrase instead). Remember, you only have 5-7 pages to outline the social problem and your policy proposal(s), and properly use both course readings and outside sources. Use your space wisely!

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