Marketing Plan

Please develop a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that was recently cited by the OIG (Office of Inspector General), or has been investigated by a journalist (eg., newspaper article, journal). The marketing plan must include a cover page, reference page and must be completed using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Please answer the following items in your marketing plan:

  1. Organizational Summary – Explain why the company is in trouble
  2. Analysis of the External Environment – (Public perception, economy)
  3. Threats and Opportunities
  4. Marketing Goals and Objectives
  5. The Target Market
  6. Competition – List possible competitors
  7. Marketing Strategy
  8. Action Programs (Marketing tactics)
  9. Budgets – How much money do you think this would cost?

Expert Solution Preview

Developing a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that is facing challenges can be a complex task. It requires a thorough understanding of the organization, its external environment, competition, opportunities, and threats. Additionally, a well-designed marketing plan should include achievable goals, a target market analysis, a competitive analysis, a marketing strategy, and budget allocation. In this regard, the following is a response to the question on developing a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that has recently been cited by the OIG or investigated by a journalist.

1. Organizational Summary:
The healthcare facility has been cited by the OIG for failing to comply with regulatory requirements or standards of care. As a result, it has been faced with legal and financial challenges, loss of trust from its patients, and declining reputation in the industry.

2. Analysis of the External Environment:
The healthcare facility is facing negative public perception due to the recent citation by the OIG. Additionally, the economic environment may not be favorable, with reduced healthcare spending by both private and public insurers.

3. Threats and Opportunities:
The healthcare facility faces the threat of a decline in patients, reduced revenues, and increased regulatory oversight. However, there are opportunities to improve patient care, establish a positive reputation, and increase market share.

4. Marketing Goals and Objectives:
The marketing goals are to increase patient volumes, improve patient satisfaction, and restore the organization’s reputation. The objectives are to increase patient referrals, provide high-quality care, and establish trust with the patients.

5. The Target Market:
The target market is individuals seeking healthcare services within the catchment area of the healthcare facility. The target population includes individuals of all ages, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds, with an emphasis on individuals with chronic medical conditions.

6. Competition – List possible competitors:
Possible competitors include other healthcare facilities within the catchment area, including hospitals, clinics, and specialty centers.

7. Marketing Strategy:
The marketing strategy includes establishing a comprehensive patient-centered care culture, providing excellent customer service, implementing strict regulatory compliance measures, and adopting cost-effective strategies to minimize healthcare expenditures. Additionally, the marketing strategy involves conducting community outreach programs, collaborating with local healthcare providers, and utilizing social media and advertising campaigns to maximize brand awareness.

8. Action Programs (Marketing tactics):
The action programs include developing a well-designed website that is user-friendly and informative, establishing a robust social media presence, running advertisement campaigns in the local newspaper, and conducting health fairs and community outreach programs. Additionally, the healthcare facility can partner with insurance companies and local employers to provide comprehensive on-site healthcare services.

9. Budgets:
The budget allocation for the marketing plan will depend on the specific needs and goals of the healthcare facility. The budget should be sufficient to cover website design, social media management, advertisement campaigns, printing costs, and staffing requirements. A realistic budget range for this marketing plan is $50,000 to $100,000.

Developing a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that is facing challenges requires a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives, its external environment, competition, opportunities, and threats. A well-designed marketing plan should be patient-centered, cost-effective, and focused on improving patient satisfaction, increasing patient referrals, and restoring the organization’s reputation. Additionally, the budget allocation should be realistic and cover all essential marketing activities.

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