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Journal: My Footprint

Adjusting our lifestyle choices to live more sustainability is the best way to ensure that we have the resources we need over the long term, but how exactly do we get there? How will YOU get there?

What is your ecological footprint? To find out, spend a few minutes online doing an Internet keyword search for: Ecological Footprint Calculator. You might compare your results at several sites to get a better sense of the actions that impact your footprint on the environment.

For this assignment, be sure to complete the following tasks:

Describe your current ecological footprint.

With a digital camera or by searching the internet for images, create a collage of pictures which show how you or your community contributes to environmental degradation. Place a caption under each image explaining why you chose this image.

List and describe five changes you can make that will contribute to a more sustainable society.

  • Discuss how each change will contribute to a more sustainable society.
  • Include a brief analysis of how easy or difficult it will be for you to make those changes.

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Living more sustainably is crucial for the future of our planet, as it ensures that we have the necessary resources over the long term. In order to understand and implement sustainable practices, it is important for individuals to assess their ecological footprint. This assignment encourages students to examine their current ecological footprint, explore the impact of their actions on the environment, and suggest changes that can contribute to a more sustainable society.

1. Describe your current ecological footprint:
To determine your ecological footprint, utilize an Ecological Footprint Calculator available online. The calculator assesses various factors, such as energy consumption, transportation habits, waste production, and dietary choices, to estimate an individual’s ecological impact. Reflect on your own lifestyle choices and provide a detailed description of your current ecological footprint. Include information about areas in which you have a significant impact on the environment and those in which you are more sustainable.

2. Create a collage of pictures showcasing environmental degradation caused by you or your community:
Using a digital camera or by searching the internet for appropriate images, compile a collage that visually represents the contribution of yourself or your community to environmental degradation. Each image should be accompanied by a caption explaining why you selected it. Choose images that highlight specific actions or practices that have a negative impact on the environment. This exercise will help you gain a visual understanding of the consequences of unsustainable choices.

3. List and describe five changes that can contribute to a more sustainable society:
Identify five specific changes that you can make to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. These changes should address various aspects of your ecological footprint, such as energy consumption, transportation, waste generation, and dietary habits. Each change should be accompanied by a description of how it contributes to a more sustainable society. For example, switching to renewable energy sources reduces reliance on fossil fuels and decreases carbon emissions.

4. Discuss the ease or difficulty of making the suggested changes:
Provide a brief analysis of the ease or difficulty you anticipate in implementing the five changes you listed. Consider factors such as personal habits, financial constraints, societal norms, and access to resources. Reflect on your level of commitment and motivation to adopt these changes. This analysis will help you understand the potential challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

By completing this assignment, you will gain insights into your own ecological footprint, critically analyze your contribution to environmental degradation, and propose sustainable changes to create a more eco-friendly society.

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