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In this discussion you will consider one process for problem solving.


You’re boss has asked you to review various processes for problem solving to help you with your job. The IDEAS process is a process used often at the office.


The IDEAS process for problem solving is as follows:

I- Identify the problem and set priorities
D- Deepen understanding and gather relevant information
E- Enumerate options and anticipate consequences
A- Assess the situation and make a preliminary decision
S- Scrutinize the process and self-correct as needed

In many cases, the problem-solving process folds back on itself as the problem solver realizes that adjustments are needed. Give an example from your own life when you used all 5 steps of the IDEAS process to solve a problem. Include the self-corrections you made and why you needed to make them.

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The IDEAS process for problem solving provides a framework for identifying and addressing problems effectively. An example when I have used all five steps of this process is when I was trying to decide on a career path. First, I identified my concerns about different fields and set my priorities based on my values and interests. Then, I deepened my understanding of various careers by researching online, talking to people in the field, and attending job fairs. Enumerating my options and anticipating the consequences helped me narrow down my choices. I assessed the situation using systematic reasoning and made a preliminary decision based on the gathered information. Finally, I scrutinized my decision by reassessing my priorities and weighing the pros and cons of each option and made self-corrections as needed. This process helped me to make a well-informed decision that aligned with my values and interests.

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