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For the first assignment in this course, you will be asked to analyze a local health organization (for example, a hospital, rehabilitation center, emergency medical center, or nursing home) and complete a series of tasks to determine its value. GEORGIA, NORTH  CAROLINA or SOUTH CAROLINA

One of the ways you will analyze the organization’s value is through a patient survey. Your task is to select a health care organization and create a survey that would be sent out to patients. You will also include information on how the survey will be delivered.

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For this assignment, you are required to analyze a local health organization in Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, such as a hospital, rehabilitation center, emergency medical center, or nursing home. One key aspect of the analysis is gathering patient feedback through a survey. Your task is to create a patient survey for the selected health care organization and outline the methods of survey delivery. This will help determine the organization’s value based on patient experiences and satisfaction.


Patient Survey for Health Care Organization:

1. Introduction:
– Briefly introduce the purpose of the survey and assure confidentiality of responses.
– Explain that the survey aims to gather feedback and improve the quality of care provided.
– Provide contact information for any queries or concerns regarding the survey.

2. Demographic Information:
– Collect basic demographic data to understand the patient population and ensure diverse representation.
– Include questions about age, gender, ethnicity, and any other relevant information for analysis purposes.

3. Overall Experience:
– Assess the overall experience of the patients with the organization.
– Use a rating scale (e.g., from 1 to 5 or from strongly disagree to strongly agree) to gauge their satisfaction.
– Include questions such as: “How would you rate your overall experience with our organization?”, “Did you feel welcomed and respected during your visit?”, and “Would you recommend our services to others?”

4. Quality of Care:
– Evaluate the quality of care provided by the organization.
– Ask about the professionalism, competence, and communication skills of the staff.
– Include questions like: “Did the staff adequately explain your treatment options?”, “Did the staff address your concerns and answer your questions?”, and “How satisfied were you with the level of care provided by our organization?”

5. Facility and Amenities:
– Assess the physical environment and amenities of the organization.
– Inquire about the cleanliness, comfort, and accessibility of the facilities.
– Include questions such as: “Were the waiting areas clean and well-maintained?”, “Was the facility easily accessible and suitable for your needs?”, and “Did the overall environment contribute positively to your experience?”

6. Care Coordination:
– Evaluate the efficiency and coordination of care within the organization.
– Assess aspects such as appointment scheduling, waiting times, and coordination between different healthcare providers.
– Include questions like: “Were your appointments scheduled and managed efficiently?”, “Were the waiting times reasonable?”, and “Did you experience good coordination between different healthcare professionals during your treatment?”

Methods of Survey Delivery:

1. Online Survey:
– Provide an option for patients to complete the survey online.
– Utilize a secure survey platform to ensure data privacy.
– Send out personalized survey links via email or text message to patients, requesting their participation.

2. Paper-based Survey:
– Offer patients the choice to complete a paper-based survey.
– Place physical survey forms at convenient locations within the organization, such as waiting areas or registration desks.
– Encourage staff to assist patients who may need help in completing the survey.

3. Telephone Survey:
– Reach out to a selected sample of patients and conduct the survey over the phone.
– Take adequate measures to ensure patient privacy during the conversation.
– Maintain a professional tone and encourage honest and detailed responses.

4. Combination Approach:
– Combine multiple survey delivery methods to cater to varying patient preferences.
– Allocate resources to accommodate both online, paper-based, and telephone surveys.
– Ensure seamless data integration and analysis across different survey platforms.

By carefully designing a patient survey and implementing appropriate survey delivery methods, we will gather valuable feedback to evaluate the value of the chosen health care organization. This analysis will aid in identifying areas of improvement and enhancing patient experiences and satisfaction.

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