HS 440 BC Health & Medical Medicare Fraud and Abuse Discussion

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Consider what you would do if you discovered serious errors in the way billing and coding are being done in your organization. Consider the role of the health care facility as well as third-party payers. In your response, consider how coding impacts reimbursement.  

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Introduction: As a medical professional, it is imperative that billing and coding are done accurately. However, if serious errors are discovered in the billing and coding system, it is essential to take necessary actions to rectify the situation. In this response, we will discuss what actions can be taken if such errors are discovered in an organization, considering the role of healthcare facilities and third-party payers, and how coding impacts reimbursement.

Answer: If serious errors are discovered in the way billing and coding are being done in an organization, it is essential to take necessary steps to address the issue. The first step would be to notify the management of the healthcare facility about the error. The management should then initiate an investigation to determine the extent of the problem and develop a plan to correct the errors. If necessary, the healthcare facility should contact third-party payers and notify them of the issue.

Proper coding is essential for accurate reimbursement. Incorrect coding can lead to under or overpayment, which can have a significant impact on the healthcare facility’s financial standing. Proper coding ensures that the healthcare facility receives the appropriate reimbursement for services rendered. As such, it is imperative that healthcare facilities have systems in place to ensure that billing and coding are accurate and up to date.

In conclusion, discovery of serious errors in billing and coding requires prompt remedial action by the healthcare facility. The facility should take the necessary steps to correct the errors and notify third-party payers if necessary. Proper coding is essential for accurate reimbursement, and healthcare facilities should have systems in place to ensure accuracy.

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