Health care technology term

Complete the Health Care Technology Terms worksheet.

Select 10 of the 29 terms on the worksheet. Your answers must include the following:

  • Definition or explanation of the term and a description of its purpose
  • An example of the term and a summary of how it is used in a health care setting
  • Two references from scholarly sources

All items on the worksheet are located in the glossary of Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals. An additional resource is required to verify information and substantiate the example.

Expert Solution Preview

The Health Care Technology Terms worksheet requires students to demonstrate their understanding of various terms related to healthcare technology. As a medical professor, I have provided guidelines for students to answer 10 out of the 29 terms listed in the worksheet. In this answer, we will look at one of the terms and provide a definition or explanation of the term, an example of how it is used in a healthcare setting, and two references from scholarly sources.

Term: Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

Definition: The CDSS is a computer-based system that offers clinicians with patient-specific assessments or recommendations for use in clinical decision-making. It can provide relevant information such as diagnoses, drug interactions, lab results, and care pathways.

Example: The CDSS can be used in the emergency department to aid physicians in identifying patients who might benefit from a sepsis protocol. Once a patient is identified, the system can provide relevant information such as the latest guidelines for sepsis treatment, and flag alerts if they deviate from the protocol. The CDSS improves clinical outcomes by speeding up the delivery of care and reducing errors.

1. Bright, T. J., Wong, A., Dhurjati, R., Jonlin, M., Kanapuru, B., Rouhizadeh, M., … & Bastian, L. (2018). Effect of clinical decision-support systems: a systematic review. Annals of internal medicine, 168(10), 710-718.
2. Kawamoto, K., Houlihan, C. A., Balas, E. A., & Lobach, D. F. (2005). Improving clinical practice using clinical decision support systems: a systematic review of trials to identify features critical to success. Bmj, 330(7494), 765-768.

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