Government-Interaction Assignment Direction

2. Pick a nonprofit on a topic that you are interested in studying (it’s a good idea to keep the same group or same topic throughout the semester).

3. Find out what you can about their various lobbying tactics and strategies (this will be a good baseline for the final project, which will be based off Worksheet 9, Page 231 of the Avner book). 4. For this assignment, you will be using Worksheets 7 and 8 in the Avner book, pages 223-230. See the Instructions print-out on blackboard for details.

5. From the perspective of the nonprofit, write a report first describing the lobbying arena (i.e. the legislative environment and opportunity structures), then assess the nonprofit’s strategies in navigating the legislative arena. 6. You may wish to conduct an interview with someone associated with the nonprofit of your choice to fully develop and get an idea of their lobbying considerations, both at the state and local level (national level if applicable). 7. Make sure in your report you highlight all the specifics listed in the Instructions worksheet, and add paragraphs when necessary explaining the legislative environment and lobbying tactics. Be as specific as possible.

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