Foremost, it’s essential to bring all the stakeholders to implement

Foremost, it’s essential to bring all the stakeholders to implement change in any organization. Their input is critical when it comes to the implementation stage, where the same individuals will be required to act on the identified intervention (Ceschi, Demerouti, Sartori, & Weller, 2017). When one seeks to introduce change in a hospital set up, the department that is likely to be affected should be given the priority when it comes to providing ideas and opinions on that. Other than the department, one must also seek the contribution of shareholders, those who don’t actively engage in day to day running of the institution but have very critical roles in the management. 

Depending on the type of change, external and internal forces must be all reading from the same script to guarantee the intended change’s success. When one seeks to convince the shareholders, the best thing is to have an apparent and elaborate proposal that should be accompanied by a comprehensive concept note that should bring out the ideal clearly with no iota of ambiguities. Additionally, there is a need to work on a method that can bridge the gap between the managers and the internal stakeholders to enhance proper coordination when implementing the intended change (Chebbi, Yahiaoui, Sellami, Papasolomou, & Melanthiou, 2019). 


Ceschi, A., Demerouti, E., Sartori, R., & Weller, J. (2017). Decision-Making Processes in the Workplace: How Exhaustion, Lack of Resources, and Job Demands Impair Them and Affect Performance. Frontiers in psychology, 1-14.

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