Final Research paper on topic “The Role of Network Administrators

Final Research paper on topic “The Role of Network Administrators in the Detection of Malicious Activities”

Subject: Business Network Systems Management – 03478 – Sp22

Book: The-practice-of-system-and-network-administration-volume-1, 3rd-edition,

      Author: Thomas A. LimoncelliChristina J. HoganStrata R. Chalup

Important Notes:


** The final paper will need to be 8-10 full pages long (double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1″ margins, EXCLUDING graphics, cover page, bibliography, tables, appendices, extra white space, and any other non-textual content). 

** The page length calculation of your submitted work will include just the body of the paper without graphics, etc. formatted according to the specified guidelines. 

** You will need to include at least 6 authoritative references. At least 3 of those references must be from peer-reviewed articles or other published authoritative texts. You are also limited to 3 direct quotes of no more than 2 sentences each within the body of the paper. 

** The paper should expand upon the information presented in the textbooks, not just rehash the same material.  

** The papers will also be submitted to a plagiarism detection application to verify that the work submitted is original. 

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