Week 4 Field Activity and Interview A, Develop an interview guide with 6–8 questions that reflect the topics of as professional role theory, patient perceptions, professional and societal expectations, health policy, and reimbursement policies that affect the APRN role. Conduct an interview with an individual representing an advanced practice role. Report the interview findings in a 2-3 page report excluding cover page and reference page formatted using APA guidelines. The submission must include: Interview guide with 6–8 questions AND INCLUDE B 1. An introduction 2. A description of the interviewee’s current role, practice settings, and the educational path she/he traveled to reach their present position Answers to the following questions: 3. Does the advanced practice nurse practice in a clinical, leadership, educational, research, or practice role, or a combination of these roles? In her/his present setting, is an advanced practice role accepted and respected? MUST Provide an example. 4. What barriers are experienced in her/his clinical practice area? 5. What professional issues are of concern on the local, state, or national level? C ) Summary/Conclusion A minimum of one reference, which may be included in the introduction and/or conclusion


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