Explain the rhetorical techniques (verbal and visual) that the

In completing this assignment, students will Analyze how the rhetorical techniques employed in a single advertisement convey a persuasive message through its medium, text, visual design, and audio or other elements. Apply research skills specific to advertising campaigns.

Identify principles of effective advertising writing and visual design. Make informed ethical judgements about an advertising campaigns use of rhetoric. Evaluate advertising products practices against aesthetic, ethical, and rhetorical principles. Assignment Description Write an essay of 750-1000 words in which you analyze the verbal and visual rhetoric of a single advertisement. You may use an advertisement of any medium. Include a copy of or a link to the advertisement, and provide a transcript of audio and video messages (if applicable). Describe the elements of the advertisement and its layout, using the appropriate vocabulary from the semester’s readings.

From the content of the advertisement, suggest the characteristics of its ideal target audience. Identify the persuasive messages in the advertisement. Explain the rhetorical techniques (verbal and visual) that the designers used to convey the persuasive message of the advertisement. Evaluate the effectiveness of the rhetoric in the advertisement in terms of it building (or hindering) an effective brand identity. Use APA style and cite all outside source material, including the advertisement you analyze. Please do not submit first drafts; your paper should be well edited and complete. Sources: Gerard J. Tellis, Effective Advertising: Understanding When, How, and Why Advertising Works. SAGE Publications, 2004. eText ISBN13: 9781452262710. Print ISBN-13: 9780761922537.

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