Experimental Report Writing Map Task

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This practical assignment is worth 50% of your module marks and aims to explore the impact that visibility of communicators has on communication by examining how participants complete the map task under two conditions: (a) communicative partner is visible or (b) communicative partner is not visible.

The assignment will be take the format of an experiment al report and will be supported by a number of seminars: (see information on Moodle)/

The experimental report should be submitted by due date using the turnitin link on the Moodle site.  The experimental report should be a 2500 words in length and include all of the standard explicitly labelled sub-sections (see report writing powerpoints and information in the following sections of this handbook for more details). To help you structure your report some indicative guidance on section lengths is given below:


Abstract- approx. 200 words

Introduction- approx. 800 words

Method- approx. 400 words

Results- approx. 300 words

Discussion-approx. 800 words

References & Appendix-  not included in word count

Word limit: 2500 words



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