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For this assignment you will used textbook Ethics in Health Care: A practical approach for decision makers (3rdEd). Burlington, MA: Jones & Barlett by Morrison, E. E. Chapter 7, “Community Responsibility and Ethics”, page 137-162, and Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Manager, Chapter 3, “Professionalism,” 32-48 and Chapter 4 “Stewardship,” pages 51-65.

Use the internet resources:

oJoint Commission (2016). 

§Explore the site.

oNorthwell Health. (2014). Healthy patients, healthy populations, healthy planet [PDF].

Forman-Ortiz, L. (2013). Top 10 corporate social responsibility initiatives

As an adult learner, it can be a challenge to find time at the end of each unit to fully reflect on what you studied, wrote, and discussed in that unit. A Course Reflection Journal is integrated directly into each unit of this course to support you in doing just that. Each week, you will reflect back on your most valuable unit takeaways, and record your reflections in an interactive Course Reflection Journal:

Course Reflection Journal

Discuss      the most valuable learning experience(s) related to the unit/discussion.      (This might include facts, concepts, insights or ideas derived from their      course content, outside research, your professor, your peers or      professionals in the field of ER Administrator, tell what stood out to you      and give example.

Discuss and examples (s) of knowledge, awareness, or skills      you gained from this unit that might be applicable to your current career      as ER Administrator

Discuss      ideas, material, research, and topics etc., you did not have time to fully      investigate but would like to revisit in the future. Consider storing your      links in RefWorks for future access future.

Create      a list of resources for future reference and use in your courses and/or      career (ER Administrator). This might include articles, authors, Web      sites, professional organizations, research studies, publications, and so      on. Add annotation to each reference

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In this assignment, we will reflect on the valuable learning experiences, knowledge, awareness, and skills gained from the course content and external resources. Additionally, we will identify topics that warrant further investigation and create a list of resources for future reference as an ER Administrator.


1. Most valuable learning experience(s) related to the unit/discussion:
During this unit on “Community Responsibility and Ethics,” the most valuable learning experience for me was understanding the significance of community engagement in healthcare. I learned that healthcare organizations have a responsibility to address the health needs of the community they serve, beyond just providing medical care. The Joint Commission website provided valuable insights into the standards and guidelines for community engagement in healthcare organizations. For example, the Joint Commission emphasizes the importance of involving community representatives in decision-making processes and developing community health improvement plans. This learning experience stood out to me because it highlighted the need for healthcare organizations to be proactive in serving the broader community.

2. Examples of knowledge, awareness, or skills applicable to my current career as an ER Administrator:
Through this unit, I gained knowledge and awareness about the concept of stewardship in healthcare management. The chapter on “Stewardship” in the book Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Manager provided valuable insights into the responsibilities of healthcare managers in optimizing resources, managing finances, and ensuring sustainability. I learned that as an ER Administrator, it is crucial to be mindful of resource allocation, cost-effectiveness, and ethical decision-making. For example, I can apply the concept of stewardship by implementing strategies to reduce unnecessary resource utilization in the emergency department while maintaining quality care. This knowledge will help me make informed decisions in relation to budgeting, staffing, and resource allocation in my role as an ER Administrator.

3. Topics for future investigation:
Although I gained a comprehensive understanding of community responsibility and ethics during this unit, there were some topics that I did not have the opportunity to fully investigate. One such topic is the role of technology in promoting community health. I would like to explore how healthcare organizations can leverage technological advancements to engage and educate the community on health promotion and disease prevention. Additionally, I would like to delve deeper into the ethical considerations and challenges associated with implementing technology-driven community health programs.

4. List of resources for future reference and use in my career as an ER Administrator:
– Joint Commission website ( This website provides access to the standards and guidelines for healthcare organizations, including those related to community engagement and ethics. It will serve as a valuable resource for staying updated on industry best practices.
– Northwell Health’s “Healthy patients, healthy populations, healthy planet” report ( This report highlights Northwell Health’s approach to community health and sustainability. It provides insights into successful initiatives and can serve as a reference for developing similar programs in my career as an ER Administrator.
– Forman-Ortiz, L. (2013). “Top 10 corporate social responsibility initiatives” ( This article presents examples of corporate social responsibility initiatives in diverse industries. It can provide inspiration for developing community-focused initiatives within the context of healthcare organizations.

Each of these resources will be annotated to provide a brief summary or key points for future reference and quick access during my career as an ER Administrator.

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