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In this video a 12 year old girl, Briana, is struggling with morbid
obesity. She weighs over 300 pounds. She has been told that being this
overweight will affect her health. She also feels very self-conscious
about her weight and is bullied by her classmates. Briana’s parents
express concern about her health as well. When her mother is interviewed
about what food she serves the family she appears to be very
interested in making any necessary changes. A trip to the market to
find out what she purchases for family meals reveals that she does not
seem to know what would be best to prepare for Briana so she can lose
weight. Briana’s mother appears to be “stuck” on buying what she thinks
are healthy foods which includes canned vegetables and very little
fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here is the link to the video, “A 12 Year Old’s Struggle with Morbid Obesity

Describe how Briana’s mother should change meal preparations to be
healthier. Describe strategies that might engage Briana in the process
of preparing the meals.

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understanding of the concepts and critical thinking. Remember that your
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refer to any outside sources or reference materials, be sure to provide
proper attribution and/or citation.

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Obesity is a growing concern for public health, and it affects individuals of all ages. It is essential for parents to understand the importance of healthy eating for their children’s growth and development. In the case of Briana, her mother needs to make some necessary changes in meal preparation to help her daughter lose weight. Additionally, engaging Briana in the process of preparing meals can help her in achieving a healthier lifestyle.


Briana’s mother needs to adopt a few dietary changes that can help Briana reduce her weight. Firstly, canned vegetables contain added preservatives and are usually high in sodium, which can lead to water retention and bloating. Instead, Briana’s mother should try to incorporate more fresh vegetables into her family meals. Secondly, processed foods such as chips, cookies, and sugary drinks can worsen Briana’s weight issues. Parents should try to avoid them as much as possible and opt for healthier alternatives like fruits and smoothies.

To engage Briana in the process of preparing meals, her mother can try to make cooking a family activity. This way, Briana will enjoy spending time with her family, and it will also give her a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, her mother can involve her in grocery shopping, where Briana can learn about healthy food choices and nutrition. Moreover, Briana can be encouraged to experiment with fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients to make meals together.

In conclusion, a healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Briana’s mother needs to make necessary changes in meal preparation to help her daughter achieve a healthier weight. Engaging Briana in the process of preparing meals can also help her in developing a positive attitude towards healthy eating.

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