Develop critical insights about the impact of poverty on

The goal of this assignment is to develop critical insights about the impact of poverty on child/adolescent development considering the varied biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual factors that separately and together influence human adaptation. Another goal is to enhance the ability of students to utilize a strength-based conceptual framework when analyzing the impact of environment on human development. Utilizing resilience theory and systems theory as major analytic tools, students will identify and analyze the risk and protective factors affecting the development of children living in poverty. In addition, students will pay attention to the social justice issues and the ways in which diversity affects the development of these children. Suggested paper length: 5-8 pages Guidelines for the Assignment: Select an issue relevant to poverty affecting the development of children or adolescents. Some possible topics include academic achievement, health, emotional, and behavioral issues. Collect, organize, and interpret client data from multiple sources of knowledge Provide background information regarding your chosen poverty relevant issue. Present the seriousness of the issue and its consequences. Introduce biological, psychological, social and cultural significance of poverty by discussing the following areas: Poverty and diversity among people. Social, economic, and cultural factors that may oppress, discriminate, and marginalize individuals suffering poverty. Discuss developmental characteristics related to childhood or adolescence. Identify key developmental challenges facing children or adolescents Describe how living in poverty may affect progression through these challenges being sure to address biological, psychological, social, and emotional areas of development. Distinguish, appraise, and integrate social work knowledge for your analysis. Drawing on resilience theory and systems theory addressing each of the following: Define each theory. Describe strengths and limitations of each theory Describe implications of each theory for social work practice. Analyze the risk and protective factors associated with the development of children suffering from poverty. Apply each theory to a child experiencing your chosen poverty relevant topic being sure to address how the varied biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual factors that separately and together influence human adaptation. Summarize and conclude your paper. Summarize key points and offer recommendations. As a social worker dealing with children or adolescents challenged by the issue of poverty, what will be your recommendations? Discuss the ways social workers can enhance social and economic justice and the rights of children in regard to your analysis of the topic. Utilize peer-reviewed research evidence (e.g. qualitative and quantitative research findings, government reports) to inform and support your analysis and recommendations. No website based citations allowed (e.g. simplypsychology, psychology today

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