Define and discuss the difference between individual-focused theories

 For this assignment, your task is to respond to the following in an integrated essay format. Define and discuss the difference between individual-focused theories (Johnson and Holtzworth-Munroe batterer typologies, criminal justice model) and structural theories (feminist) of violence. Then choose at least 2 of the following questions to answer in the essay: What types of policies or policy changes would a psychologist concerned with batterer personalities advocate compared with a feminist who believes that society is basically supportive of male violence? Should interventions look different in common couple incidents of violence versus cases of terrorist violence? What role do race and/or class play in our understanding and address of domestic violence? Should domestic violence be considered a result of the patriarchy? Why or why not? There are multiple perspectives and answers for each of the following questions. Your answers should be a combination of personal opinion informed by material presented in the text.Cite the textbook, readings and lecture throughout your essay when information is used directly from these sources.

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