Cultural Self-Awareness

 SWK 508 George Tsagaris, M.S., M.S.S.A., Ph.D., LISW-S Spring Semester 2019 Due: February 15, 2019 Assignment Grade = 15% of Total Assignment #1 – Cultural Self-Awareness Exercise Instructions: Students are expected to follow these guidelines and submit to the related Blackboard assignment. Type at minimum 12 – 14 pages (not including cover page and any listing of references) double-spaced or 1 ½ type-spaced, 11 or 12 font size. Do NOT single space; maximum 18 pages. This assignment MUST be completed as a NARRATIVE, without repeating the questions, and MUST be divided in the sections outlined (steps 1 – 7) below. The student is required to integrate cultural competence concepts and/or theory in their narrative (at least 10 or more cultural competency concepts from at least 4 course readings with some explanation). Please note that the textbook can count as two readings provided you use material from Diller and Lum (2017). The differences will be explained in class. You MUST bold the cultural competency terms/concepts. Remember, while this is a paper of sharing and introspection, it must also reflect an understanding of the readings. The student is responsible to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the readings and how these readings relate to the student’s cultural self-awareness exercise. It is strongly recommended that you use at least one or more concepts within each step. The student’s grade will be based on the clarity and ability to use the appropriate readings. You should use at least four readings. You are to read the case study of Tabitha, responding to the following 7-steps outlined in Chapter 5 of your textbook (Diller/Lum, 2017). Remember, you MUST divide your narrative into each section outlining Steps 1 through 7 (no page breaks). The student MUST use APA style (except for 1 ½ typed-spaced or 11 font size). The title page and reference page does NOT count as a part of the 12-14 pages. It is strongly recommended that you view the Writing Center’s video on Tips to APA Basics. You are to complete at least 1-2 pages for steps 1 through 5. Steps 6 and 7 will require more content (at least 4-5 pages for step 6, and 3-4 pages for step7). In writing the narrative, refer to Tabitha and yourself as a social work practitioner. • Step 1 – Know Where You Are in Your Life (1-2 pages) o Tabitha is constantly changing and taking positions in her life. How would you help her to find where she is? o What is your positionality and Tabitha’s? How does your positionality intersect with Tabitha’s? • Step 2 – Working Through the Dilemma of Americanization (1-2 pages) o Could you be effective and culturally competent with Tabitha as her social worker if you were still working through the dilemma of Americanization? Where is Tabitha in the Americanization process? Where are you in this process? • Step 3 – Explore Your Family Culture (1-2 pages) o Take the Cultural Awareness Assessment and write a narrative summary (1-2 pages) of your results. • Step 4 – Practice Cultural Other Awareness (CAI) o Complete the CAI and write a narrative summary (1-2 pages) of your results. Do not attach the CAI. • Step 5 – Construct a Client-Worker Intersectionality System (CWI) (1-2 pages) o Use the CWI (a simulation exercise) with Tabitha as the client and yourself as the social worker. Based on the Case of Tabitha, identify similarities (+), differences (-) and neutral areas (0) between Tabitha and yourself. Complete a narrative summary. Do not attach the CWI. • Step 6 – Write Your Own Cultural Biography* (4-5 pages). o Explore you cultural roots. Recall as many ethnic and cultural incidents, particularly in your childhood and adolescent years. You may describe adulthood. • Step 7 – Engage the Client Using the Dialogue Self** (3-4 pages) o The dialogue is the self as an ongoing, fluid construction in dialogue with the other’s perceptions of who the self is. It is being open to include the client’s worldview into theirs as both seek to understand the client. *When doing Step 6th in your narrative, this requires several pages (i.e., 4 pages) summarizing the narrative in the earlier sections covering steps 1-5, and/or including cultural competency concepts as a part of your own biography. **The 7th Step may also include some content identified in the first 6 steps. Step 7 is crucial, and should be 3-4 pages. When you are writing Step 7 – Engage the Client Using the Dialogue Self, please refer to figure 5-I (The Client-Worker Intersectional System) using this as a guide for your narrative.

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