COLIN Food That Sounds Gross But Isnt Project

• Pick a food item to share with the class. (Ex: Double bacon cheeseburger) 

• Give the food item an alternative name using medical terms (Ex. trans(across)/cardio(heart)/algia(pain)

• You must combine a minimum of 3 terms/word parts (in any combination) 

• You must briefly describe the food item in paragraph form. 

• Explain how you came up with it’s alternative medical name. 

• You must create a chart detailing (in brief): 

– The item & it’s alternate term 

– Main ingredients (if homemade) 

– Allergy Alert (if contains eggs, nuts, or wheat products)

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As a medical professor, I have designed an interesting assignment for medical college students to test their creativity and awareness of medical terms. The assignment requires students to pick a food item, give it an alternative name using medical terms, briefly describe the food item, explain how they came up with the alternative medical name, and create a chart detailing the item and its alternate term, main ingredients (if homemade), and allergy alert (if contains eggs, nuts, or wheat products).


The food item I have chosen to share with the class is a popular American breakfast dish – pancakes. Pancakes are a staple breakfast food item and are enjoyed with toppings such as maple syrup, butter, fruit, or whipped cream. Pancakes consist of a batter made from flour, eggs, milk, and baking powder.

Alternative medical name: Panca-cardio-hepatitis

The alternative medical name for pancakes is Panca-cardio-hepatitis. “Panca” is the abbreviation for pancake, “cardio” refers to the heart, and “hepatitis” means inflammation of the liver. The name is based on the ingredients used in making pancakes, which can have adverse effects on the heart and liver if consumed in large quantities or regularly.


| Item | Alternative Term | Main Ingredients | Allergy Alert |
| ——————————– | ——————– | —————- | ————- |
| Pancakes | Panca-cardio-hepatitis | Flour, eggs, milk, baking powder | Contains wheat, eggs |

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