Assignment will be submitted via turn It in For this

Assignment will be submitted via turn It in 

For this assignment, you will design a Creativity Program Experience you can use in your setting and with your students. Follow the steps below:

  • Review the five (5) programs below. Think about their purpose. For example, the “Invention Convention” is an event that gives students an opportunity to independently demonstrate the skills of problem-solving, creative thinking, experimentation, and quantitative data analysis as they invent a new product or process. Also, “Odyssey of the Mind” is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Then, write a brief description (2-3 sentences) of how this program can be applied in your setting or adapted to fit in your setting and with your students.
    1. Future Problem Solving (Links to an external site.) (FPS)
    2. Destination Imagination (Links to an external site.) (DI)
    3. Odyssey of the Mind (Links to an external site.) (OM)
    4. Science Olympiad (Links to an external site.) (SO)
    5. Invention Convention (Links to an external site.) (IC)
  • Next, you will create and plan either an FPS, DI, OM. SO, or IC experience for the gifted students in your classes. The goal is to allow your students to apply their creativity to solve problems ranging from building a device to presenting their original interpretation of a literary classic. You may select a problem from examples in the programs or come up with your own problem for students to solve. Then include a step-by-step explanation of the following:
    1. Description of the program with its history, goals, objective, requirements, etc.
    2. Student demographics (# of students, age, etc.) for project experience.
    3. Preparation materials, budget, personnel, physical space, practice schedule, or needs
    4. Interdisciplinary connections (connections with core subjects and at least two electives).
    5. Opportunities for students to learn and practice metacognition through reflection.
    6. Demonstration/performance/competition component (provide rubrics/expectations).

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