Applying Quality Improvement Methods


Apply quality improvement methods.

Course Scenario

Chaparral Regional Hospital is a small, urban hospital of approximately 60 beds, and offers the following:

  • Emergency room services
  • Intensive care
  • Surgical care
  • Obstetrics
  • Diagnostic services
  • Some rehabilitation therapies
  • Inpatient pharmacy services
  • Geriatric services and
  • Consumer physician referral services

Recently, the CEO has been hearing complaints from both patients and staff. You have been hired to design and implement a Quality Improvement Plan to help uncover quality problems and satisfactorily resolve them.

Scenario Continued

Your CEO has informed you that the Hospital has been invited to appear on a local cable television news station to discuss the proposed QI plan and how it will be applied. You are instructed to create a presentation with narration to put on the television show.


You may use any presentation tool you want, but your narration must specifically discuss how the QI plan will be applied by giving examples.

  • Why are QI programs developed?
  • What use are they for healthcare facilities?
  • What potential use would your facility have for the QI plan?

Your audio presentation should include an introduction, a concise discussion of each slide, and a conclusion( You type what I need to narrate in the note section) Remember, you would be presenting this on a cable television show. The presentation will be assessed on your overall knowledge of the content, clarity of your voice, pronunciation of words, organization of your presentation, proper recording of your presentation, overall aesthetics and professionalism, and general clarity of your presentation.

Your presentation should be 10 minutes or less. Make sure to address the following:

  • Include a link to the location of your live video on the last slide of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Make sure to use audience-specific language and tone in your PowerPoint. Remember, you would be presenting this on a cable television program.

Upload your PowerPoint Presentation to the assignment drop box.

APA formatting for the References slide, and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required.

Expert Solution Preview

The implementation of Quality Improvement (QI) programs is crucial in healthcare facilities to identify and resolve quality problems. As a healthcare professional, it is essential to understand the significance of QI plans and how they can be applied in healthcare facilities. In this context, this answer will address three questions related to QI programs, their use in healthcare facilities, and their potential use for a hospital.

1. Why are QI programs developed?
QI programs are developed to identify quality issues in healthcare delivery and implement strategies to address them. These programs aim to improve patient outcomes, reduce medical errors, increase patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. QI programs involve systematic data collection, analysis, and the use of evidence-based practices to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.

2. What use are they for healthcare facilities?
QI programs are essential for healthcare facilities as they provide a structured approach to monitor and improve the quality of patient care. These programs help to identify areas for improvement and implement changes, which can lead to better patient outcomes and experiences. QI programs can also help healthcare facilities to comply with regulatory requirements, accreditation standards, and improve their competitiveness in the healthcare market.

3. What potential use would your facility have for the QI plan?
Our hospital, Chaparral Regional Hospital, can benefit from the implementation of a QI plan in several ways. Firstly, it can help identify quality issues and take corrective actions to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Secondly, it can increase the hospital’s compliance with regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Thirdly, it can help in reducing healthcare costs by preventing medical errors and optimizing resource utilization. Lastly, a QI plan can also improve the hospital’s reputation and competitiveness in the healthcare market.

QI programs are a crucial component of healthcare delivery, and healthcare facilities need to develop and implement them to ensure quality patient care. The effective implementation of QI programs can improve healthcare outcomes and experiences, increase compliance with regulatory requirements, and reduce healthcare costs. Healthcare professionals must understand the significance of QI programs and how they can benefit their facilities.

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