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The midterm research paper asks that you explore various muscle building techniques using specific exercise.  This assignment will require you to conduct online research and then write a paper that compares and contrasts various muscle building approaches.  Your paper needs to be in scholarly format – including 1) cover Page 2)  references in the body of the paper 3) a reference page. You must use APA format when writing this paper. The research paper should be, at a minimum, 5 pages in length not including cover page or reference page and should include at least 5 references. You must use a 12 point font. 

Using a Online Library, the Internet and other scholarly resources, you are to write a research paper that provides detailed information on the following four advanced training methods.

1) Super Sets

2) Forced Reps

3) Pyramid System

4) Periodization 

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The midterm research paper requires students to explore various muscle building techniques using specific exercises. This assignment will involve conducting online research and writing a scholarly paper that compares and contrasts different approaches to muscle building. The paper should be formatted properly, including a cover page, references in the body of the paper, and a reference page following APA format guidelines. It should be at least 5 pages long (excluding the cover page and reference page) and include a minimum of 5 references. The paper should be written using a 12 point font.


To fulfill the requirements of the midterm research paper, students are expected to utilize the resources available through online libraries, the internet, and other scholarly sources. The research paper should provide detailed information on the following four advanced training methods in muscle building: super sets, forced reps, pyramid system, and periodization.

1) Super Sets:
Students should thoroughly explain the concept of super sets in muscle building. They should discuss how super sets involve performing two exercises back-to-back without rest, targeting different muscle groups or the same muscle group. The paper should include information on the benefits and potential drawbacks of super sets, as well as any scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness.

2) Forced Reps:
In this section, students should provide a comprehensive analysis of forced reps as a muscle building technique. They should describe what forced reps entail, which involves continuing an exercise with the assistance of a spotter after reaching muscular failure. The paper should discuss the potential benefits and risks associated with forced reps, highlighting any studies or research studies that support or question their efficacy.

3) Pyramid System:
Students should delve into the pyramid system as another advanced training method for muscle building. They should explain how this approach involves progressively increasing and decreasing the weight or intensity during an exercise session. The paper should provide the rationale behind the pyramid system, its advantages, limitations, and any empirical evidence illustrating its effectiveness.

4) Periodization:
Lastly, students should thoroughly explore the concept of periodization in muscle building. They should describe how periodization involves dividing a training program into specific periods or phases, each emphasizing different aspects of muscle building, such as strength, hypertrophy, or endurance. The paper should discuss the potential benefits of periodization for muscle building, including any research supporting its use, as well as any potential drawbacks or criticisms.


By conducting comprehensive online research and utilizing scholarly resources, students will be able to write a well-informed research paper comparing and contrasting these four advanced muscle building techniques. By adhering to proper scholarly format, including a cover page, in-text references, and a reference page following APA guidelines, students can successfully complete this assignment, while also expanding their knowledge and understanding of muscle building approaches.

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