A key outcome of this course is that students can

A key outcome of this course is that students can analyze strategic issues regarding foreign market entry. 

Assume your audience is a group of company investors. YOU will research a  foreign market entry failure (from the last 10 years). Assume that company is now considering re-entering the same market (in 2022). You should note their topic selection here: 



Foreign Market: Singapore 

you will conduct the following analysis and present the findings to the class. Report on the following:

  • The firm’s propensity to internationalize (prior to the market entry both at the time of initial entry and present-day)
  • The opportunities the firm foresaw in the foreign market (prior to initial entry, and today)
  • Apply Porter’s Diamond Model (Module 8) to analyze the domestic country’s competitive advantage in the industry. 
  • Summarize the lessons learned from the entry failure
  • Provide recommendations should the company approach market entry today

Format of ppt

  • An introduction of the speakers and the structure of the presentation
  • Background (Firm’s propensity to internationalize prior to market entry. Is it in the same position today?)
  • Anticipated  advantages (Opportunities the firm foresaw in the foreign market. Are  there more opportunities today? Fewer? How do you know?)
  • Apply the Diamond Model to analyze the landscape for competitive advantage. (Has it changed with time? If so, how?)
  • Lessons Learned (What mistakes were made in the first attempt at market entry?)
  • Recommendations (How could this entry have been successful?
  • References (Works cited in APA format)

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