200 words 1 scholarly citation. Also use one bible Reference


200 words 1 scholarly citation. 

Also use one bible Reference 

APA format 

Psychoanalytic or Adlerian

How are the theories similar and different?

Psychoanalytic is the brainchild of Sigmund Freud and the Adlerian theory is named after its creator Alfred Adler. Both theories have to do with the studies in the area of personality and mental health, but they have different points of view. Take for instances psychoanalytic which address personality as being shaped in early childhood by going through stages of pleasure-seeking, known as the psychosexual stage (Simmons et al, 2020, p.406) The Adlerian theory on the other hand looks at a person by their connection to their environment and to their social environment connection (Simmons et al, 2020, p.410).

What are some strengths and limitations of each theory?

The strength of the psychoanalytic approach is an intensive psychotherapy that gives counselors, therapists insight into their countertransference, biases, and prejudices (Corey, 2021, p.24). The limitation to this theory is that this method may not be the best approach to use for every culture or socioeconomic groups (Corey, 2021, p.28). According to Simmons et al (2020), the strength of the Adlerian theory that it is the simplest theory to integrate with Christianity, because there is common ground between the Adlerian theory and Christianity. Adlerian theory sees that people have the ability to determine their future, they can set goals, strive for perfection, viewed holistically, and to be relational. All of this is in line with the Christian faith. (p.413). The limitation of the Adlerian theory is that Adler spent a lot of his time teaching his theory instead of documenting it. (Corey,2021, p. 26).


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